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AirDoctor AD3500

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In stock

The most popular AirDoctor model.

Powerful enough to protect the air in bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens.

Circulates the air in 638 sq. ft. 4x/hour or in 1,274 sq. ft. 2x/hour.

High Preformance: 3-stage filtration provides another layer of protection to the air you breathe. With its UltraHEPA filter and proprietary dual-action Carbon VOC filter, the AirDoctor 3500 captures allergens, pet dander and other volatile organic chemicals like formaldehyde.

Captured Particles:  100Xs SMALLER THAN HEPA STANDARD: Our UltraHEPA filter is independently tested and proven to capture at least 99.99% airborne particles as small as 0.003 microns in size.

Room Coverage: The original AirDoctor 3500 air purifier is a classic, now with an updated filter design. Powerful enough to protect the air in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and more. Circulates the air in 630 sq. ft. 4x/hour or 1,260 sq. ft. 2x/hour.

Auto Mode & Air Quality Sensors:  Auto-mode adjusts filtration levels instantly to current air quality. Whisper-jet fans are 30% quieter than traditional air purifiers. With 4 fan speeds to choose from, you can customize your purification needs, from whisper quiet to boost.

AirDoctor 3000/3500 air purifiers for home are only compatible with UltraHEPA and Carbon VOC filters made by AirDoctor.

Advanced 3 Stage Filtration:

  1. Pre-Filter - Designed to capture larger contaminants like dust and animal hair.
  2. Carbon/Gas Trap/VOC Filter - Reduces toxic ozone, gas, odors and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) caused from cooking, cleaners, furniture/carpet/paint off-gassing, hairspray and more.
  3. UltraHEPA® Filter - Designed to capture ultra-fine, airborne contaminants like pollen, mold spores, smoke and dander, bacteria and viruses